Friday, 25 March 2016


According to Webster Dictionary, Jealous is being defined as Vigilant in guarding a possession or disposed to suspect rivalry or unfaithfulness. 
For example, a friend of mine told me her boyfriend told her he gets jealous when people look at her (both guys and girls). He even went as far as saying when they get married, she'd start covering her face... ehn well I do not know what her response was but that's an amazing amount of jealousy. I know I live for the stares. I get satisfied when I know people are staring at me...hehehe
But how far can your jealousy get?
I was reading a post some time last week and I saw a picture of a woman that was beaten black and blue by her boyfriend (please note not husband) because he thought she was too much for him and he was undeserving of her.*both arms on head*... Now this Aunty went on her social media and says "My man will only beat me because he loves me. If he doesn't get jealous then it means he doesn't love me". GBAM.... WORD. This Aunty is on point. I can end my post here seeing we have learnt something new. Or rather two new things.
1. Your man will only beat you if he loves you.
2. Your partner will only get jealous because he loves you.

Alright guys.. 
Have a wonderful good Friday.
Peace... *straight face*

Why do I feel Lizzy is about to explode now? Hahahaha
Let's be serious now *straight face again*.
I read that post and I made a wish in my mind. I said "Lord God please let me meet this aunty or anyone that belongs to this school of thought so I can slap sense into their heads". Please if you are a Mobylizer and you believe the number 1 above, please call me.. let's have a chat so we can arrange a date for you SLAP!...LOL 
It's no big deal for anyone to get jealous. As a matter of fact, if you don't love something or care about someone, you wouldn't give a hoot about what they do but when it  becomes physical abuse, then that's bad. We hear of acid pouring cases, hot water drenching cases... even as bad as killing your partner.. hmmmm

 Back to today's post. If you've ever been jealous over anything or anyone, raise up your hand please.
I have.. durhhh. 
I like to see myself as a very jealous person...if and only if I like you. Yes I get jealous but I don't show it. When Moby says "IT IS FINE...DON'T WORRY", it is not fine o. Just run for your life.. but how far can I go with my jealousy? Truth is I can never hit anyone (have you seen me? I weigh 141 pounds and I am 5 ft 4 inches tall... I am definitely not a fighter...*puppy eyes*). I can break up with you sha. But I can't kill myself or anyone. I can't even kill a cockroach...True Story Mhen!  Y'all remember the cockroach that almost killed me shey... If not, read it HERE.

Its okay for anyone to get jealous over something or someone they care about but beating or inflicting harm is just not acceptable.
Another dimension is stalking over jealousy...aka 'team snoop' *grin*  How many people have stalked their partner(s) or maybe even their ex out of jealousy?
Raise your hands up... I see you. Yes you.. I know na
I do. 
Everyone does. Thanks to social media. So if ever at some point we were friends, I confess I have checked you out on all social media platform. 
I want to know how far you can go cos of jealousy, like what's the worst you'd do? Let's talk.

In other news, a lot of people showed interest in our movie hang out o... what are we going to do? Ehnnnnn... Lemme be thinking *put on thinking cap...brb*



  1. Well, the truth is I don't know if I'm jealous anyway... I'm too indifferent about a lot of things. It's just recently I started checking people out on social media self.. I remember one dude asking me if I never get jealous and stuffs because he was the one doing the whole stalking..
    Snoop? If you can handle it, fine but I'd like for my partner to know my phone is out of bounds except I ask you to touch it. Of you snoop, what you see is what you get and sadly, a lot of us can't handle the resultant result *I just made that up*
    Back to the post, well, you can't blame some of us sha. People's psyche have been remoulded by experiences they grew up seeing and stuffs so really, there is little or nothing you can do to help them....
    The prodigal daughter is back for good

  2. Moby yaff open my yansh awside...

    I do get jealous o, and that's if I like u, I snoop as well but not to the extreme (just small small).. Mobylizers, e gbami o, that was how this guy that has been toast**g me(i no be bread o)lol, has been telling me the cloth(es) I wear to work and the time I do leave home for about two weeks now (and he would have gone to work o). Guess he got snoopers to be watching me (what won't the eye see). I don tell am to kukuma resign work dey follow me upandan as him work no ka lara, Lol.. Am sure such person would be ogbologbo jealous person, cos even as i never even gree for u and u had started snooping around me, when we eventually get married nko? Na to employ police to dey watch me for am (alainikanse).
    Errhmm, how far I can go when jealous is just to rant, nag and rant again. I won't kee myself untop a guy or anything fa. The extreme I'd go is break up instead of getting HBP.

  3. I jealous oo and i snoop when i have the opportunity. Lolz. Babe unto that matter if you are ready hit my mail box.

  4. Everyone gets jealous when they are in luv.thats normal sha but I will never fight with a girl over a guy

  5. I get jealous but will never stoop so low to fight with a lady over a guy...Fight Kwa.....when other guys are out there.

  6. do i get jealous now? i snoop? no...
    notime sef


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