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Hello Mobylizers
So today, I decided to blog whore a little and I checked out the boo's blog (Berry Dakara).... She has no idea how much I love her and this post caught my attention and I have decided to share with y'all. Please check out her blog. She is amazing and I just can't get enough of her gorgeousness.

I decided to share this post because I can totally relate. There's just too much pressure on ladies to get married that we all truly forget the essence of marriage. A friend of mine got married at 20 (immediately after Uni) because her mum just wanted to have a grandchild and she was the only child (the irony of it all is she is still not preggo).
 I was talking to her early last year and she said 'I WISH I CHILLED... I am tired already' and then she decided to go in deep about her marriage. Marriage is beautiful, no doubt, but you need to be prepared mentally and emotionally to handle it.
Anyway, read Berry's post and let's talk in the comment section.
Hi everyone,

Cakes (Cakes is the hubby) and I went on an impromptu date a few weeks ago, and the 2 movie options were Deadpool and How to Be Single. I feel like most times we go to the movies, we end up watching an action film, so I really wanted to watch a chick flick.
When I was single (pun intended), I mostly watched Chick Flicks, Rom-Coms, and ALWAYS Superhero movies. In this instance though, I wanted to go for something light and funny, so How to Be Single was the choice. It wasn't a bad movie - there was laughter in some scenes. However, I didn't know it was rated R - there was A LOT of random hooking up (sex o) and F-bombs everywhere. That aside. It made me think about my life before I met Cakes.

In our culture, there's a pressure on females to start looking for husbands once they turn 20, or are getting ready to graduate from the University. I certainly felt that pressure and in fact, fasting and prayer sessions were held on my behalf once I turned 25 with no Mr Right in sight. I didn't see what all the fuss was about. I knew I would get married eventually, so I just wasn't interested in the jumping up and down. I didn't meet Cakes until 2/3 months before my 30th birthday and we got married when I was 31. And no, I wasn't worried that while turning 30, I didn't have a boyfriend. So what? I was enjoying my life. I went out to different restaurants BY MYSELF, watched movies BY MYSELF, even wanted to travel by myself (but my family's concern for safety overshadowed that plan). One of my biggest regrets is that I was not "allowed" to live on my own. I cried and argued and begged but the powers-that-be (Mummy and Daddy) dissuaded me. All I know is my future daughter(s) WILL live in their own apartment. Anyway, the point is that I was having fun as a single gal.
Isn't she gorgeous?
Too many females today are living their lives in a substandard manner, with the excuse of "I'm not married." They say when they get married then their lives will be complete. When they get married they'll be happy. When they get married, this or that will happen... I'm here to tell them (or you) to STOP!

Stop waiting for life to happen to you! Discover yourself, date yourself, and do the things that interest YOU! You don't need to wait for a life-mate to enjoy yourself. You like cooking? Cook up a storm and invite your friends over. You like dancing? Turn on some music and dance like nobody's watching! You like watching movies? Hey, no date means you can concentrate on the movie completely. You like to travel? Go on a group tour or trip - there are quite a number in Nigeria now. The possibilities are endless! The way to be single is to DO YOU, ENJOY YOURSELF, LIVE YOUR LIFE!
The end.
I loved being single. Kai... Really I did. Even though it was for a short while but I loved every part of it. Going to the movies till late, hanging out with friends without feeling the need to explain who is was amazing.
Singles, please enjoy your life and don't be pressurized by family and friends. No one should limit you at all and the best part is you can serve God without distractions.
And stop believing all the instagram and facebook pictures. Some of them are just acting. You don't want to know the story of some people in a relationship. True words. You even get to know a lot about yourself while single. I started loving myself more when I was single. Y'all think Moby is confident and has high self esteem and this and lie. I was the timid girl that never spoke a word in the crowd. I learnt to be the real me when I was single.
Enough said. 
Have a wonderful week ahead Mobylizers... Me love y'all.
P.S: I am planning a movie hangout this weekend. If you're single and wanna hang out, let's do that. You know how we do it. Send me a mail at with subject mail INTERESTED.


  1. Is it just me that thinks Moby always make sense. I dinor know why she is always living us. Madam you were born to blog so mbok continue osiso

    1. Awwwww thank you anon. I will not leave again you hia..hehe

  2. Moby blog whoring when you should be blogging abi? I see you

    1. Esther ehnnehn... I will open your yansh in the outside now.. hehe. Welocme back huni

  3. I miss my single days, I owe nobody explanation but now I am responsible for anything and I have to give account of every.

    Single enjoy yourself while it last.

    Marriage is sweet, if you marry your friend

  4. When u were single?didnt know u were married Moby...thought the opposite of single is married...what do I know?😳😳

    1. So you're saying I can't speak correct English again shey? Oga o. Okay I am still very single until someone puts a ring on it. Hehehehe.

  5. You've said it all Moby. Every single lady should find a way of loving themselves instead of the other way round. If you're still single, enjoy your singlehood while it lasts.

    Alabekee's Blog

  6. That is what I tell my friends - enjoy your singlehood! Make the most of it. No need dwelling on the fact you dont have a man and they think it is bad belle on my part that I dont want them to have what I have.

    Thanks Moby and Berry for confirming that life is too short - have the most extreme fun while you are still single.

  7. Hmmmmm single single. I'm tired of single life ooooo.

  8. Wow! I agree with you, no one should jump in to marriage because they are being pressured. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Lol. I always tell people that I look forward to my wedding day and not marriage. I'm so not jumping into marriage. Like SO NOT! Having the whole day to myself is bliss.

  10. Ok I'm late to the movies party... I'd pass.
    I'm single and enjoying it!!


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