Thursday, 17 March 2016


You know Moby is back to Blogsville when you start seeing things like this. Hahahaha...

I can imagine some people's faces like "ehn mgbo Moby has a smelly down-below". 
Let me digress a bit. 
I was talking to a friend of mine sometime and I asked her what other nick names she calls her Vagina (using medical terms here before Pastor will call me out during worker's meeting) and she said SOUTH PARK

Erhmmmm Okay... makes sense right?

I have 6 major names I call mine... Down-below, Hoo-ha, p&*&y, VJJ and ******* (can't be written on this blog and Hullabalu. This is a holy ground. Hehehe.

Okay so let's get to today's post.
 A lot of ladies at one point in their lives have smelt a foul odor coming from their Hoo-ha. If you lie, if you lie kperen, you will go to hell fire...hahaha

Studies have shown that 40 to 50 percent of women will have Bacterial Vaginosis or a yeast infection at some point within their childbearing years. Yep it’s true. What inspired this post? I am very smell sensitive (English scholar what’s the general name o), reason I don't kiss upanda. Once you have a mouth odor, I pass *true story*. 
So I passed by a female colleague at work some days ago and I smelt her hullabalu. All of you will say hmmnnn now but well I did smell something but I didn't say anything o. 
I cannot come and go and chop slap. 
I have noticed that the problem with we ladies is that when these symptoms pop up, most of us just assume it’s nothing and use any antibiotics hopeful it would work and then we grow frustrated when they don’t go away because you never even had a yeast infection to begin with. You’ve prolonged your own agony.
I think, unfortunately, all women think any time their VJJ itches, it’s a yeast infection but in reality, the only commonality between Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and a yeast infection would be itching. Yeast infections don’t smell, and BV does have a distinct smell. Another big difference is that the white cottage cheesy discharge of a yeast infection isn’t present with BV. So if you itch, call a doctor... you’ll fast-track your treatment and save yourself some uncomfortable days. 

NOTE: You’ll Need an Antibiotic
There are two ways to treat BV which can be an oral antibiotic which you take twice a day for seven days or a vaginal treatment which you insert into the vagina at bedtime for five nights. 
Ask your doctor for the ones best for you.

Which one’s best? 
That really depends on your preference. 
Most ladies prefer the by-mouth dose but if you have a sensitive stomach, you might want to opt for the down-there application as some antibiotics can sometimes upset the stomach.

durhhh... my face as you're thinking about the kweshion
I read. I work in a Hospital and I belong to the 50 percent of women that will suffer (or have suffered) from BV or a yeast infection.

Incase you have any question, ask me and I will ask Dr. Dami (she'll kill me when she sees this though)

LESSON LEARNT: Don't be scared to talk about changes you notice in your down-below. It might be a symptom of something very serious and it might be too late by the time you talk. Then ask people. I remember once, my sister asked if I ever smelt anything fishy around her. It was an uncomfortable moment but I had to answer… which is none of y’alls business. hehe..

There are other disease that can cause a smelly hoo-ha but for the reason of this post, I decided to talk about just two of them. 
I feel very smart right now... I should go and open my own Hospital with the knowledge I have.
Off to look for a piece of land... 

Peace out.... mwahhh


  1. That fish smell meme nor be here oh! God help somebody........

  2. Moby is back. she back. and she bad as shiiiiiiiiiitttt.I missed you dear where did you go. I had a stinky hooha once and men was it bad.used lots of drugs and got injections and since then its been condom or no play at all.cant get infected again.that phase of my life is over.


  3. Hmmm... Doktor Moby, *two hands up for u*.

    It happens o, been there before and the phase is passed. Now am extra careful o, my disinfectant is always handy at all times, i cannot come and start scratching sometin in public cos that can be embarassing ehn, chai, the scratch will be sweeting and paining at the same time. *walks away majestically free of hoo-ha smell/scratch*

    1. Lizzy...Lizzy hahahahha. But you know using disinfectant down there is also not safe ,right?

  4. Untreated infection can lead to blocked tubes,or delayed pregnancy . Women should be very observant of their bodies, it is very important. I am always very extra careful when it comes to my punani, even when I was in the world *sideeye *to the extebt that after my monthly AF,i tske antibiotics to wash down,or so ething to detox.oyinbo will say prevention is better than cure. Change your underwears, sundry your pants avoid cleaning from the back to the front. ...


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