Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Ayam getting my blogging groove back already o like play like play. 
Praise be to God Almighty... hehe
So I took the time out to watch football yesterday... The Egypt vs Nigeria match where they whooped our a**. Apparently, it is not as boring as I thought.
You want to enjoy football? Try watching football with the not-so-rich people. You'd definately enjoy it more. And I sure did. The peeps I watched the match with inspired this post.
I came to a conclusion that it is very hard watching football without uttering a single word. At a point,I started talking too *weird*.
And I came to another conclusion that there are different kinds of people that watch football and I have put them into categories. I am sure you'd know which you belong to at the end of this post.
*clears throat* 
The one that always suspect that the referee has been bribed - I think this happens only in Nigeria where we suspect everyone that is not working/ acting according to what we expect. There was this particular guy that all he said through out was the refree was bribed by Egypt... like seriously? Is it possible that the guy was only doing his job the right way?
THE ANALYST -Oh no... I had to ask if it was possible that the coach didn't know his job and that there are other ways to coach cos it seemed everyone knew better than the coach and the players. Pass the ball, push it... what is wrong with this one na..don't you know you should have passed the ball... stand up.. fall down... We had more people in this category. Everyone knew better.
THE NOISE MAKERS - Oh yea... So many analyst fall under this category but the difference is these ones had nothing to say and they had everything to say. Lord God Almighty. I wish I had a gun or a cellotape. I would either shoot them or just tape their mouth. I taya.
THE QUIET ONES - These ones are scary. They give off a boko haram feel... No jokes. I was scared watching these ones. They said nothing through out. NOTHING. Just watched the match and stepped out afterwards. No opinion added or subtracted... I'll watch out for these ones next time..  I need to analyse them.
THE CLASS CAPTAIN - Hahahaha... These ones are the funniest. They are always the ones shouting "O ti to... Its enough. Everyone shussh. Shut up. Keep quiet". They just wanted to watch the match and enjoy it after all. They almost started writing the names of noise makers... hehe
 THE FOOTBALLER... If you watch these ones closely, they play football alongside the real footballers. They move their heads,their legs, their hands all the time and make funny faces... talk about playing in the spirit.

THE BABALAWO- these ones can curse and predict for Africa. They knew where the ball was going to, who was going to kick the ball next and Mikel Obi was cursed the most. They looked like this

At the end of the day, it was fun watching the match.
So where do you belong?
I'm sure a lot of you are wondering if I was watching the match or watching everyone. I did watch the match. Durrrhhh...
 I think Mikel Obi is hot but lazy... always quick to pass the ball and Moses is my boo for life. I think the Egyptian players (make sense?) were mean but they played well. I think the super eagles played good also but there was something about them that I still can't place. I think the best way to score is by corner kick *clears throat*. And I think I should marry Moses cos the boo is sexily hot *covers face*

Who else watched the match? What do you think?


  1. Moby oya be truthful, u only went there for survey... Issokay anyway, how we go take know their group if u no go survey them... So what group do u belong to?

  2. Hello Moby of life, its great to have you back again and its being a while.. Happy to know you won't do another hide and seek.. Lol

  3. woooo...I can analyze for Africa ehhh...don't just try me ooo when it comes to that...your team tend to push u to do things you never imagined..

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  5. Randomly came across your blog and could'nt help reading on, Had me laughing out loud and you've got some serious observational skills hehe. Would say Im 80% Quiet(no crazy business just my way of focusing lol) 10% Analyst and 10% Class captain..My jara from a guy that has had noncommentilitis for ages.


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