Saturday, 19 March 2016


It is hard too..hehe
Sup...sup..sup ma niggas. 
First, happy first mobylizing weekend. 
Everything we are doing here now is new o.. Feeling like I just came back from jand..hehe.

I met a Mobylizer yesterday at an event and you all needed to have seen her face when she saw me. She said "Moby mentioned me on the blog o" and she was so happy that I was back to blogging. I was feeling so inspired ehn. I decided to put up a post today because of Deola and I hope when next she sees me, she gives me an iphone 6 cos I have mentioned her on the blog twice in one week *covers face*.
 Kisses huni.

So what do I have for us today?

While I was gone on my sabbatical, I was inspired to do this post. I read something similar on a website and I decided to do a Moby version *you know how we do it na* so let's get to it. 
I know a few guys can totally relate to it but all my sisters in the house will understand. Where my sistas at?

The beauty struggle for us women has been real since the beginning of time. I remember struggling with my mum over this particular green lipstick that turns red after application. I'm sure some of y'all used that lipstick.
If you know this lipstick, say AMEN... You don old
And then the issue of using lipgloss so you could impress your crush buh she gave you this instead
Kaii...why evulls mama
I know some of y'all used vaseline but robb gave your lips a damp feeling and didn't shine a lot like vaseline. I would know this cos I used both *ntoi*.
Here are some beauty habits you probably forgot you had in secondary school.
  • Using wet lips so generously, it always looked like it would drip under the hot sun. So I won't lie, Moby had a crush in Secondary School and she did this to impress him well. I stole my sister's lipgloss (Absolute was the reigning lipgloss then...that thing can like to shine) when I saw the robb Iya Dayo gave me wasn't working well  978bafcc22f475116759fef4173bba4b
  • Buying “Tony Montanna” or “Enchateur”
  • Using clear nail polish on our nails even if they never really made a difference because coloured polish wasn’t allowed. I used to put groundnut oil on my nails to make it shiny though *shaking my head for me*
  • And everybody had this one.Putting a little attachment in your cornrows thinking you looked like Alicia Keys, while it really made no difference.

  • Putting beauty marks on your face cos we thought it was cute. Well I think it is cute cos I still do it sha *covers face*

I have been laughing at myself since. Can't deal mehn... All this for a boy shey? If you did this at any point in your life, get a mirror, look at yourself and ask "was the boy worth it?". Hahahaha. 

Ayam looking for a mirror now..when I find it, I will ask myself and come back to give y'all the reply. 


  1. O girl! I did all these o, apart from the attachment sha, momsi had deeper life doctrine that year. Omo I don old o! Chai! Lmao.

    1. Debz we haff ol' finish. I feel like a grandma now sef..hehehehe

  2. Hahahahah i had a good laugh reading this post...i actually didnt do all this cos my mom was that strict...but i am doin that of the lipgloss especially the thick ones....moby it have sexy finish cos i will sha be licking my lips*winkzz*

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  3. I used vaseline sotey my lip turn black even used to lick the True lovely post.


  4. Welcome back dear. We missed you moby

  5. I remember Tony motana powder, I love the fragrance. I remember my crush in school gave me the perfume, that green lipstick usually come out red after application. I yaff old oo

    1. I used to put tony motana under my arm and on my uniform cos of the fragrance. Made sense..hehe. We haff old B

  6. The robb part got me lauging. you are so funny

  7. Moby will always be Moby! Kai...this is extremely hilarious! Just reminded me of the good old days

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