Tuesday, 29 March 2016


So who followed the #Dubai trend on twitter over the weekend? I know some people have no idea what I am talking about.
Well, I forgive you. That's why I am here anyways.
SMW means Social Media Whoring. This post reminds me of the 90s popular '2 girls and a cup' porn... yea I watched that one. Please don't tell my mum.
The next time you’re tempted to like a girl’s selfie on Facebook or write a slobbering comment about how good she looks on her Instagram page, just think of DUBAI PORTA POTTIES and smile.

Want to know what that means, then please pull a chair, grab your popcorn and read on.
Have you ever wondered how popular Instagram models can afford their lavish lifestyles? I do... thanks to my stalking abilities *covers face*. Selfies showing off expensive cars, bags, yet they all work low-paid jobs as human hair sellers or even makeup artists *yes makeup artists*. You probably figured a guy was paying for their Louis Vuitton purses and trips but you didn’t know the sheer depths these girls would sink to for a few bucks.
Instagram model means prostitute, they might as well start to put their rates under the pictures because they won’t be fooling anyone for much longer. As it turns out, most, if not all, Instagram models make their living by being "sponsored," meaning they get paid to fly to Dubai and have sex with an Arab guy and ten of his best buddies. But these hoes don’t simply rent their pussies out for cash: they engage in some of the most disgusting sex acts you can imagine. Yes this is real. Here is how it is done.
There would be a "model recruiter" who gets paid to find girls who are basically willing to whore themselves out to rich Saudis with oil money. The Saudis pay anywhere from $10,000 to as much as $50,000 per girl for each trip which last anywhere from a weekend up to 2 weeks and they basically sleep with these girls multiple times a day with just about every fetish you could imagine including pooping/peeing on the girls. The Saudis take pride in pooping/peeing on the girls and more often than not, they make personal bets and hold contests to see who can get the most liquidy poop to drop on the girls faces and the winner gets to choose the next vacation spot and gets to pick his girls first.
Now this is termed "Dubai porta potties".
The truth is, we’ve slid all the way to Sodom and Gomorrah. Here we have an entire class of women who are so lacking in decency that they’ll shove salmon up their vaginas so they can afford to shop at Saks Fifth Avenue. A civilization where women sell themselves, not even to survive, but for frivolous luxury items.
And the worst part is after taking a shitty facial from an arab and getting paid, these girls will fly back home and pretend they're goddesses after some firm rationalization. She's the same girl you will meet next week and go out to dinner with and would withhold sex from you to convince you she's a treasure.
The Instagram models have sipped from a poisoned chalice. Their souls are being warped by the repulsive acts their sponsors make them do. Even if they luck out and manage to find a man who will marry them knowing what they’ve done, the memories of the sick acts they’ve committed will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
In the specific case of these Arab sheiks, these are men who are wealthier and more privileged than the kings of old. But instead of using their fortunes to advance science, culture or philosophy, they pay women to have sex with German shepherds. They are degenerates in every sense of the word, fools who have squandered a great gift on pointless hedonism.
There are good women out there, yes, but its situations like this that make people say that women do not deserve worship or respect because women have degenerated themselves to a very sorry level. Women now like to flatter themselves by thinking that all they need to do is show up, look hot and men will do all that they want .
And so, in the case of the Instagram models, there’s no reason to be intimidated by beautiful women. That drop-dead gorgeous girl you’re crushing on is likely getting paid to have a Saudi sheik shit on her nose and watch it drip down her chin. She's getting a DUBAI PORTA POTTIES.
*Can't deal no more... I give up*
SOURCE: Tag the Sponsor
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  1. What!!!!!!!! shit on the face abi wetin I see oghi this is a joke sey.let me go and google.brb

  2. nawa oo!!! things are really happening.girls are desperate to be a wannabe.and they dont know social media life is fake!
    oshi oda


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