Wednesday, 16 March 2016


*peeps in*
*one leg in*
Oh nooo... my heart is beating faster than normal. Why am I scared to blog? This is my baby and I am scared to cuddle her.. noooooo. 

I know why I am scared. I am scared of giving up again. I do not want to have a major breakdown again and leave. I always leave when I can't figure things out. Its like my coping mechanism. I leave. Its not cool and I know*sad face*. I need a hug right now *opens arms*
OC Hug
Shallat to ma boos... 
I will mention these few people. Not cos you all don't matter but because these people were stalking me all over to come back here.. even saw some of them in my dreams carrying laptop and shouting blog o blog o...hahaha just joking. These guys inspired me to come back. At a point, I had to ask if it was by force to blog but I just know you all did it out of love. Thank you all for being so patient with me.
Deola.. Thank you for threatening me on Sunday. Your cup will soon get full. Lizzy (I should call you sister) This lady called me almost everyday. Last time she called, I was laughing like a mad woman cos I knew why she called and I gave her the lamest excuse ever... and she was so full of support and words of encouragement. Thank you sis. Icelaw and Duru (Duru makes me question why I do not have a younger brother)...thanks guys.
Y'all that decided to stalk me on Instagram...Yaaaay we have over 900 followers on Instagram now o even though I am still the most boring person on there. I beat uncle Kelechi to that title (*turn to KC* Yea I just mentioned your name). Its annoying when I tell people that I blog and the next thing they say is "you better not mention me on your blog". God catch all of you lemme hear gist about you... It would end up here asap.

Wait  a minute
See cobwebs everywhere. Oya everyone grab your brooms...let's sweep abeg.
No gist for anyone until this place is clean. Oya alele *mummy mode activated*

Mehn a lot has happened o. We haff not blogged since January. That's bad. What was I doing with my life? How did I survive? Kai kai kai. I am tired of giving empty promises. I won't but I will try not to go again. 

I have loads of plans for us. Just give me time...we will get to it. Just be patient.
This is a very long welcome address but I shall be back with plenty drama.

I miss you guys and we hope to take over. 

I love you all like KILO N SELE....



  1. moby you are hilarious as ever. we have miised you so much.please stop goin na

    1. I've missed y'all too mehn... don't worry I'm still here,okay? mwaahhhh

  2. Hello and warm greetings to you, take time to live life and if it brings you back here more often then so be it. Have a good week!

    1. awww my blog grandma... you're so sweet... thanks bloggo.. I promise to always remember that... no pressure. You too

  3. Clap hands for Moby,

    Heehheee... *clears throat*, where's my broom o, oya dusting, chai na plenty cobwebs o, av done my part let the rest Mobylizers come and do theirs. Welcome back boo mi, honey mi, sugar, sweerie, dawling, MOBY oooooo (eti e melo), don't u efa go awol again o, if not na kidnapping tinzz e go be, ayaff told u my own.

    Pweetiest Moby, me miss u like kilode, am so flattered with this shout out o, God bless u for me boo, and as u didn't give up on this blog may God never give up on u.

    Issorait, u welcome back, just get us a plate of eba each to appease us fully. So so so, our drama queen, we trust u back gidigba with full trailer of your hilarious orisirisi (opolo e o ni ku).

    *dancing back to my seat*, *sips tea*, *popcorn ready*.

    1. Awww Lizzy is just amazing...I told y'all she is my sister. Thanks Lizzy... take all the eba in the kingdom .hehehe. Thanks sweets

  4. My own broom is here o.let me bring mopping stick too cos we need to mop. Brb to leave comment after sweeping

    1. No be only me waka come o... Bukky don land too. .hehe. Bukky oya the house is clean come back..hehe

  5. Our drama queen... You always leave me smiling... Well done and keep up the good works.

    1. Father J Legs (FJL) I don decode am tey tey... thanks for the love...gbayi *my two hands up for you o*

  6. The queen is back the queen is back tell everyone the queen is back #bow in respect the queen us back #$igning off

  7. Welcome back. I pray you don't backslide this time. We'll put you in prayers, lol.

    Am I the legitimate daughter of my father?


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