Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Why do I feel Ati would see my post title and just faint...hahahaha.
Please read the post first o before we all faint.

Hello mi boos.
No owanbe download today because I don't go for owanbes anymore *sad face*. My party clothes has finished and all my shoes are begging to rest.
Truthfully, I think I am tired of anything rice and I am trying to take it easy with my sugar consumption...so most weekends, I am at home, or in another person's house or on the street looking for money (not prostitute kind o..hehe).
So, I went natural in January, 2014... no one pushed me to it. I just did it.

But natural hair enthusiasts are always very quick to tell you about the glories of rocking your natural hair (I did not mention names o...where is Abieyuwa sef..hehe). Aby didn't let me rest. Many of them will tell you about how good it feels being liberated from relaxers and how taking care of your natural hair isn’t so hard. Now I am becoming them *arghhh*
Well let me tell you about some things they never remember to tell you.
  1. There will be tears, and even blood sometimes. 
    When you wake up already late for an important meeting, and your bantu just end up looking like you haven’t run a comb through your hair in months, there will definitely be tears. And when you are struggling with detangling your hair, and you rip out some of it that’s tied up in a knot, there’ll be blood - ok, maybe not. Last week Thursday, I planned on washing my hair and then I slept off...I woke up in the middle of the night to wash it cos I had an early morning on Friday. No jokes. I was grumbling all through and didn't bother detangling. The amount of hair that fell off while I was combing...story for another day.
  2. Patience is the key...patience is the key...patience is the master key. Magical hair growth can not happen overnight. If you like, use HairInfinity till Jesus returns, your hair will grow at its own pace.
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  3. It can be expensive. I hear alot of people say going natural is cheap... Aunty na lie. It is not cheap at all...  I can't even start to explain...
    unnamed (1)
  4. It’ll annoy you a lot. 
    unnamed (2)
    You are going to wake up on some days, and feel like heading straight to the salon to relax it.
  5. You might use the same products as your friend, Tomi, who inspired you to natural, and even go to the same salons as her, but you hair will probably never look like hers. This is because curl patterns are a thing, and everyone has theirs. So as much as you love Tomi’s hair, you’ll learn to love yours more.
All in all, going natural is great and it might take you a while to get used to it, but the results are always worth it.
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Can you relate?


  1. 2014?you have tried o. I am still transistioning so I am learning

  2. Great and thoughtful message, hope it helps others on the journey too. Greetings!

  3. February 2014: Two years natural and counting... I'm never going back Lol. Even with all the struggles, going natural gave me a kind of freedom i have never felt. I'm never tempted to relax, to be honest. If i feel like straight hair, I get it straightened or get a weave installed. Period.Thank God you're back Moby. This is a fun place. Do check out my blog too at www.sincerelychibugo.com

  4. I believe natural hair is easy for those who take it easy on themselves no gragra lol .

  5. I hear you Moby, and I can relate.


  6. Not even interested in going natural self..

  7. Lol. Why are you mentioning my name na? Did I create natural hair? Me, I don't stress over hair too much, so the journey hasn't been difficult for me. It's people that like to overdo that get tired along the way.

    Now that you've killed me... The big question

  8. LOL! What do you mean I didn't let you rest ehn?!!! Anyway, you're right, it's not as easy as they make it sound, there are times I just rush to the salon to braid so my hair (okay so that I) can rest.
    The key to coping with natural hair sha is to love your hair and enjoy the process of taking care of it.


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