Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Hey guys.
Are you all not surprised?
I am on a blogging all-day spirit o..kai. We praise God.

So what ankara inspired look do I have for us today?
If there's anyone trying some ankara inspired makeup, I would really love to see. Please send me pictures o... I am interested.

In other news, if you are interested in learning makeup and gele tying, don't hesitate to call me. Makeup classes are starting first week in May. Call me on 08087646638 or send me a mail on Ese modupe,. We are very affordable *winks*. 

So, I saw this ankara some time ago and it was speaking all kinds of languages to me... I decided to buy it...and after I did this look, I gave my tailor to make a dress for me. I will be putting up a spendless post tomorrow. My tailor is good.. *free advert*

Innocence (silver/ white **) from Sleek eye dust
Red from Ushas palette (from my last look)
Black from sleek bad girl palette
Maybelline colossal kajal
Amazing shine eye lash
Maybelline  colossal volume express mascara for the top lash
Milani mascara for the bottom lash

Milani colour statement lipliner 08
Milani lipstick in nude (removed the tag long time ago so I can't remember the name *covers face*)

Mac lipstick - rubywoo
BH Cosmetics waterproof liner - Retro

BH Cosmetics liquid foundation
BH cosmetics camouflage concealer to highlight my face
Sleek face contour palette in Dark
Ben Nye banana powder
Milani bronzer
Wine in Ushas blush palette

As I always say, nothing major was used in achieving this look so you can try it out. I decided to use a different foundation for this look.. No major reason... I was just in the mood for a water based foundation... You can use your regular foundation. Send me pictures o..ehn ehn.
And always remember, the best makeup you ever have on is your smile... smile.



  1. someone's looking good. I love this ankara inspired posts. keep it up dear

  2. This is gorgeous! I like.

  3. Wow!!!! Cool... When will l learn make up self

  4. Good content keep it up


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