Friday, 29 April 2016


Yo, wagwan? 
Ki lo n pop? 
Ki lo n sele?
How di do?
E we so o...
What's happening?
Yea, I had a bottle of coke this morning so I am feeling a bit on the high side...
Thank God Its Fridayyyyyyy..... whoop whooop... Even Friday for me is Sunday cos my Saturdays are my Mondays (you get my drift yea?)
So what spendless post do I have today?

For the vigilant people here, you will notice the ankara I used to make this dress is the same one from my Ankara Inspired look... You didn't notice shey? Oya check HERE.

I got the inspiration for the dress some time back. I remember I always wanted to have a straight pinafore (well, I went to a christian Secondary School and they felt wearing a straight uniform would show your curves too much...which is a SIN!!!!!!). 

I got two different ankara material (1 yard of the one on top and 2 yards of the one below) and gave it to my adorable tailor to make me a STRAIGHT pinafore.
Seeing I was wearing it to church (workers in my church are not allowed to wear an armless dress), I decided to pair with a white shirt. 
And my adorable nude Christian Louboutin I got as valentine's gift last year...
I liked the combo and everyone did... Do you like? or like? Heehehe
I will be doing more spendless post on how to pair your clothes also so you don't start to think that its only ankara you can use to look good and not break the bank... eyin e ma worry (don't worry). See ya soon


  1. Mmooobbbyy!! lookacchhhuu looking like a Million bucks! Omo! iTrip! inshort.. iMoonwalk for you! Moby is Bae! Baeerr!!! Baeeessttt!! Yo!!! Mwaahh kilszzes for you Nne. xx

  2. You look tantalizing dear

  3. I love this dress and i'm coming to obtain it. Tainz and God blezz.


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