Thursday, 21 April 2016



Afrojuju Mobylizers Igba tiwa lode… (don’t let me continue singing…LOL…)

Yup it’s your gurl…..and I’m keeping it real

I told you I was back shey.... yaaaay. I have loads of time now so I can do everything planned to, I plan to, and will plan to….*wink*

So I have always had this idea...from Uni. 

Story story...(lemme see those that went to correct primary schools LOL)

So you all know my grass to grace story...( mainly Mobylizers that have been following this blog since I started it), and If you don’t, you are welcome I’ll recap later…
Well, when I got admission into uni, I had nothing.  My sister, Lola, and I got into college at the same time and my mum's least worry was getting us clothes. So we went to meet this cousin of ours who was Yabatech's best dresser, Sewande, and was a lot bigger than us (about a size 16 or so) and asked her to give us her old clothes. I am fatter than my sister and I was a size a size 8 so you understand the irony.

That meant we had loads of amending, slim fitting and textile liposuction to do. We amended the clothes ourselves...with needle and thread *the hustle was real* and we rocked it like that and guess what * pops collar* I was nominated for best dressed in 100 level..funny shey * big grin*. But I think that brought out the “spend-less” side of me. I knew at that point I could piece things together and make it look very good. 

There was no where I went to I wasn’t honored as the best dressed or at least told I dress well...not bragging o. When I started working, I had a mix of everything; the very expensive, the regular and the ‘cheapey’ (like Tijani would say). 
One day, my colleague saw the way I combined a piece of clothing and he said he liked it... I looked at what I wore and I realized *covers face* I bought the top at katangora (how dem dey spell dat place sef?) and the skirt was a gift and the shoe, I got on sale during the Jumia black Friday sales. I told my colleague the price of everything I wore and I knew it wasn't up to 3k. I am not cheap skate o... I just know good things when I see it... And that was how spend-less was born *big grin part 2*

I am tired of hearing girls complain about not having money hence the reason they get to sleep with men so they can afford some things..*thumbs down*. I know this girl; I won’t mention names in case she sees this, who believes she can't do anything without sleeping with someone. She can’t buy aso ebi if she doesn’t sleep with a man or the groom's brother, or the bride’s brother, so she can get it free. I didn't attend a friend's wedding some days ago because the price of the aso ebi was enough to buy a new makeup box and 1 mac lipstick and sponsor a child in Somalia to grade 6..(straight face)... I want people to feel good and look good without having to break the bank or get their backs broken by men…*Angel mode activated*

So on a weekly basis, I would have a spend-less inspirational post...where I get to piece something together, state the price and hopefully someone gets inspired. But wait ooo, minus my shoes o... I go all out for my shoes... yes I do…*smile*

Do you know there's blessing in giving... It’s true. I gave out 2 pairs of shoes last to a blog visitor and one to a random person and I got 3 pairs of shoes in!. I heard from someone that if you give out something you really love, you get back in double folds. Put God to the works. Nobody should dare ask me for my shoes o..*straight face*... most especially my brown sandals that I love...hehe. It is not going anywhere*evil grin*…On second thought, I could actually give it out o... *covers face*.
So for my first spend-less post..., I wore this to church last week Sunday. 
I saw this cool ankara and I bought it, 2 thousand naira for 3 yards. I think that's affordable. You could go for a cheaper material though. My tailor charged me 1 thousand 5 hundred naira for it... I know it could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your tailor. 
The scarf was a gift from my mum years ago... it is just one velvet material like that. I am worth 3 thousand 5 hundred naira in this picture... I didn't have to break a bank and I got over 5 people take picture of it...

You like? or you like?
Have a Spend-less week ahead!


  1. Am definitely making this gown. You look good and i agree with you one can look real good even on a low budget. BTW all mobylizers follow this link to read about our drama queen

  2. You look good @katangora. is it katangwa? I still go there o.You can get very interesting cheap clothes there and some of them lasts longer than most first grade clothes.keep it up dear

    1. @anon lol@ very interesting clothes...some boutiques in lagos go to katangwa to pick clothes and then dry clean them.true life story. I know two of them. Some even go to balogun market to pick clothes. it is well

  3. Nice one! I need these tips, as I dont buy clothes unless I have plenty money to go the expensive route. In the end, I still jealous d cheapies. Lol. Debz.

    1. Debz let me be your personal shopper abeg. call me

  4. Everything na packaging o my sister. Some even buy the most expensive dress and don't even know how to match thing. I love the style of the gown.

  5. I love...the dress is lovely. You're taking me to your tailor when I get to lag oh!

  6. Beaurifu Moby, this dress looks good on you aswear.. Def making the style... I know u're d baddest in combining tinzz so this new section is definitely gonna help a lot of people (including me)...


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