Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Love $_$
The rays from the sun penetrated through my window curtains, and landed on my face, causing me put an abrupt end to my sweet, though un-comfortable sleep (NEPA did not feature in the nights crashing LOL). After plenty turning, rolling and stretching, I finally got out of bed, said my thank you – good morning prayers and as I looked at my phone, I saw it was 6.54 am, APRIL 16th!.............APRIL 16th was finally here...The day I have dreamt of almost all my life.....The day I have been looking forward to since the beginning of this year......The day Moby Impressionz Make-up Studio is opened officially......YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!................thanks be to God.

I fully got up and out of the room by 7.am, which meant I had exactly 6 hours to the official launch time. It was like someone just pressed fast forward somewhere... I started moving like Flash, trying to get things done. I had to Iron shirts for Moby Impressionz crew members ( Nepa had received brain...LOL), then arrange and re-arrange my make-up box, then clean the house a bit, then did my make-up...PHEW!....ee no easy.

Tito had gone out very early to look for fuel so we had to wait for him a while (This fuel wahala sef can like to want to cause yawa). At about 10.30 –ish, he was back...and yes he got fuel *big grin*. 
My parents were the first to arrive, and Iya Dayo brought chicken and Moi-moi, and Daddy brought some more drinks. The launch was already looking very perfect and for like the first time in my life, I wasn’t worrying at a major event. I was calm, happy and confident in God that all would be well.

Soon after, people started arriving and lending helping hands so less stress for me. My decorator and bestie, Bimbo, arrived and she worked her magic. 
Did I mention, my god daughter came too, Leah... she is so adorable. Her mum took these lovely pictures. Yes she is talented. She is the CEO of Black-Grey-White Studios. Super mom.
I can just kidnap her
My Pastor got there late.. Why? FUEL... What's up with this fuel situation na. Oga Buhari, abeg give us light and fuel ASAP or else we all will go Bruce lee on your Hausa a$$...hehe.
Anyway, not too long after, he arrived with his lovely wife and immediately, the event started. Was I nervous? Honestly I don’t know. I was just there sha...LOL.
After the plenty prayer and blessings, it was time for Donation... you know na,..as a Lagos babe (*clears throat*...if you haven't made your donations yet, it is not late ooo...Ehen). *YAAY*!!!!!...We have money now (if I am owing you money, ping me now lemme pay my debt...hehe..just joking o).

My new banner
My sister is the bombest. She made this very lovely cake for me...she is good. I know it looks good but it tasted even better..hehe. It felt like my birthday + My wedding reception + my graduation +.......LOL. 

cake plus iced tea = 8888
Why do I think some of y'all are angry with me? 
Okay truthfully I was going to invite everyone... I swear but I didn't think it was a big deal. I just wanted my pastor to come over, pray and everyone goes home until Tito suggested having a small party and my mum was drawing up programme for the event and my sister suggested cake and everyone was suggesting.... and I didn't have enough cash...

 Truthfully. I had a budget of 40 people but people were just turning up. I am so sorry guys...please forgive me. We will have a big party soon...don't worry. When we move to our permanent site na. I promise.
Throw pillows courtesy House of Muse

Tito, Dabs, Titi, Moby, Adeola and Christian
Team on point
meet Dr. Dami... see her cute face... mwahhhhh
Did I mention that I had stopped working... Yep I quit my job...or I was fired.. both sha... Story for another day..

One of my dreams has finally come through....God did it!!!! Halleluya. 
Ignore stomach...had loads of junk *covers face*
As tired as I was, I still had to go for karaoke at my sister's karaoke bar... e no easy.

Moby Impressionz make-up studio is now open and running at No. 1 Fadeyi Street (beside holy trinity Hospital), off Awolowo road, Ikeja. Everything make-up is available just for you and to your taste.

Our services include;
·         Bridal / bridal party Make-up
·         Instant make –over
·         Regular / daily look
·         Gele tying
·         Traditional make-up
·         Movie / cinema make-up

We also have regular classes / training in make-up artistry, helping interested persons become professional make-up artists.
For enquiries:
+234-8087646638, 7011209592
In other news, I have loads of plans for my instagram followers... Someone will win a free makeover before the end of April so if you are not following us yet, alele go and follow the ladder @mz_moby

Thank you Mobylizers for your support.....I know I have offended you all too many times with this my on and off spirit but you keep forgiving me. God bless you all and may all our dreams come through in Jesus Christs name. Amen.
Have a wonderful week... 


  1. First time commenting. Big congrats to you. One day, I'm sure to visit for a proper face beat.

    1. Thanks Eno. I definitely will be expecting you maam. God bless you. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Congrats darling to God be the Glory more blessing, I c the reason why u aliltle far from blog happy for u.

    1. You see... finally someone sees and understands...hehe. Thanks sisi..mwaahhh

  3. congrats dear,i saw the picture son facebook,i thought i should come here to feed my eye.
    i had wanted as about your job but you have answered.

    more patronage dear


  4. This is beautuful dear. congrats

  5. Replies
    1. Being the first to show interest, you are def the winner. Please send a mail to moby.amusu@gmail.com with your details. Thanks maam

  6. Congratulations blog bestie! I'm so proud of you!

  7. You're taking territories and breaking boundaries with Moby Impressionz make-up studio... The LORD will enlarge your coast in JESUS name...

  8. Congrats dear. More blessings.


  9. This is quite impressive moby, god bless your hussle. Happy for you.

  10. Wow. Congratulations dear. I love it when I see ladies try to make am edge when it comes to their passion. Eku inawo . God will definitely bless the work of your hands. Amen

  11. Congratssssss love.... Many more blessings dear,God will be with you all through and may you be favoured highly in this business IJN... Lemme come an register fastfast o. Am gonna visit u soon!.

  12. Wow. I'm really impressed with what you've done. There's nothing like following your dreams. You would look back and realise that losing your job was probably the best thing that could have happened to you. Congrats

  13. Congratulations Mobolaji! You look happy and that warms my heart liek Microwave! Blessings on this new endeavor i pray the heavens for you Nne. xx

  14. congrats CEO...it has always been coming...keeping it real and cool...So proud of u girl


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