Sunday, 1 May 2016


Hello mi lovies..

I decided to put up this post instead of the regular Sunday devotional because I feel a lot of women need to see this. 
Hopefully, I am able to reach at least 50 women with this post. I don't need everyone to read this... I just need the people that need it to get the point.

I decided to share this post because number 1, I am a woman and 2, I see my fellow sisters make this mistake a lot. Truth is, I don't blame anyone. We grew up differently and we learnt differently. We are all a product of our environment and the people we hang around and that determines the choices we make (well part of it). So yea, read along and I hope you get my drift.

N.B: This was posted on my church's youth whatsapp group and I decided to share here. 

Relationships are failing today because so many boyfriends are being treated like husbands. 
You’ve heard the phrase that says, “why buy the cow, if the milk is free?” 
The same goes with relationships. Why would a man marry a
woman who already treats him like a husband? You should ask yourself that question.

Many women believe that a man must be treated like a husband in order to get a ring from him, but that’s not true. A man just has to know that you’re capable of being a wife.
 He needs to know that you’re loving, caring, nurturing, honest, and trustworthy.
He has to know that you have the character of a wife. 
If he makes you believe that he needs you to cook, clean, do his laundry, have sex on demand and let him live with you in order for him to marry you, then he’s not a real man-- he’s a grown boy and he’s not looking for a wife, he’s looking for another mother. 
A real man can handle his own and will bring his own to the table. He wants to show you his character and he wants to see yours. 
All the acts of service that happen in between the character aren’t as important as character itself. 
You don’t have to know how to cook, because you can learn together. You don’t have to know how to clean, because you can learn together. A wife isn’t a maid. A wife is a teammate
He should be able to stand on his own two feet, and you should be able to stand on yours. 
Don’t bend over backwards to get a man or to keep a man. Let him meet you halfway. Don’t give all of yourself and get nothing in return. 
Be a good woman and let him work for your love. When he gives you his love, reciprocate. 

A word, they say, is enough for the wise... He who has ears, ......... you know the remaining.
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  1. Let him hear what the spirit sayeth to the church lolz or what moby says to the sisterhood

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  2. This is so on point Moby... I see ladies cooking, doing laundry and all the orisirisi attached to it while they are still dating and I wonder what they use their brain for. Even if one would do such, it should be when one feels like not whenever the guy wants, that would make some guys see it as ur responsibility.

    Now if they eventually get married, she has to continue doing that while sometimes the guy would just sit down with his legs on the table reading sports paper or watching one movie or the other while she is slaving away. Then when babies start coming she would now expect the holy spirit to minister to the hubby to start helping out with the house chores..

    Abegi I cannot come and go and die, even when we eventually get married, we are TEAM/HELPMATE... I just hope some ladies will receive sense!!!


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