Friday, 6 May 2016


We haff come again...
we haff come again...
Moby haff come again...
Holyghost please keep her here... hehe

* TI mode activated*
You can have whatever you like..
You can buy whatever you like....

Yo sup ma pipu... I am back again with another spendless post...
Guess who I saw yesterday? I know you won't guess right even if I gave you hints. I saw our dear Lizzy... She came over to our studio yesterday and I think she is a fantastic somebody. The gist was just overflowing...we just couldn't stop. And then she said 'Moby tomorrow is Spendless post day o'.... Truthfully I had no plans of putting up anything today but I made up my mind to put up this one cos of her. Love you bubba...
I am wearing a denim shirt on a skater skirt that I made (not myself o...tailor lo ran).
The shirt is a generational shirt *covers face*...meaning it was passed down from generation to my own generation...hehe.
My mum had this denim when she was still lepa and she passed it on to my sister and I stole it from her. I have had this denim since forever...can't remember how long I've had it... it has seen good and bad days with me ehn...kai kai
 The skirt was made for me in Eko idumota market... you know all those wait and get tailor...yep yep. A friend of mine got the material for me and collected it for me... I love this skirt so much,I've been warned not to wear it for the next 5 month.
 Had to upload this picture of me and the famous Fada J legs. He is my early Sunday morning picture buddy (I don't know if that's a thing)... He makes amazing shoes. You should holla for his number if you want to wow your husband (see free advert o... FJL my money o)
And finally, the shoe was a gift... love love love
I don't think you have to sell all your valuables to look this good (well I think I looked good in this combo). You can get a good quality denim for less than 4 thousand naira in Eko Idumota market and the skirt was made for less than 3 thousand naira.

In other news, who can tell me the difference between being prudent and being cheap? *crosses legs*.


  1. Moby won't kee pesin... Awesome drama queen, gosh, I can't get enough of you even for the hours spent, I so much enjoyed ur company hun, u're such a darling.... Fada J you must pay Moby for the advertisement oo (She even advertised you to me)... Love you more darl

    Nice post you got here dearie, the combo looked super-duper-beaurifu... I think being prudent is being able to do the wise thing under an existing circumstance or being careful/wise in handling practical matters (using common sense sha) while being cheap is just being inexpensive...

  2. Moby you look gourg.I love the combo.Super cool

  3. Moby cracking ribs since day one...nice combo..every piece was a hit back to back..from the denim,to the skirt and the shoe..long time friend

  4. You and your play play. Absolutely love your dresssence.

    Please guys visit my blog

  5. You and your play play. Absolutely love your dresssence.

    Please guys visit my blog

  6. You look good dear.
    Where have you disappeared to? Is it the studio?
    How's it doing? Hope u are good.
    Come and post Jare.


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